HiPEAC European Network of Excellence on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation

HiPEAC Roadmap

Energy has become the primary limiting factor in the development of all systems. This has led to parallel and heterogeneous devices, and the appearance of “dark silicon”. Developing energy-aware devices and automating the optimization of applications for power efficiency has become a necessity across all computing systems.

The traditional computing systems market is evolving towards global-scale applications that gather data from embedded systems and users, process it in large data centers, and provide customized, timely information to millions of users through their mobile devices. Tools have not yet caught up with this evolution towards global-scale applications.

Europe provides a strong embedded and low-power processor ecosystem with many companies in hardware and software development. However, Europe also suffers from a high degree of horizontal specialization, which makes it difficult for companies to amortize the costs of development across the product chain. The most successful global-scale applications are backed by global vertically-integrated companies offering a complete ecosystem.

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