HiPEAC European Network of Excellence on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation

HiPEACinfo 29: January 2012

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  • intro
    • message from the hipeac coordinator
    • message from the project officer
    • message from the newsletter editor 
  • hipeac activity
    • HiPEAC’s Computing System Week 2011 / Barcelona Multicore Workshop
    • HiPEAC Mini-Sabbatical - Ayal Zaks
    • Fourth Swedish Workshop on Multicore Computing (MCC-2011)
  • hipeac announce
    • Book on Multiprocessor Systems on Chip: Design Space
    • Exploration
    • Book on Multi-objective Design Space Exploration of
    • Multiprocessor SoC Architectures
    • ACACES 2012: 8th International Summer School on Advanced Computer Architecture and Compilation for High-Performance and Embedded Systems
  • hipeac news
    • ICE Obtains the Best Paper Award at SoC 2011
    • FlexSoC an Exposed Datapath Architecture Toolchain
    • Energy Efficient Acceleration of Asset Simulations Using FPGAs
    • An Open-Source LTE Uplink Benchmark
    • Dominik Grewe Receives NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship Award
    • 1st MAPS User Group Workshop Organized by ICE, RWTH Aachen University
    • TU Delft Receives the Best PhD Student Paper Award at ICSTCC
    • Barcelona Supercomputing Center Named NVIDIA CUDA Center of
    • Excellence
    • BSC-Microsoft Centre Research Group Wins Two Best Paper Awards
  • hipeac startups
    • A New World-Class Open Standard for Directive Manycore Programming
  • in the spotlight
    • FP7 FASTER Project: Facilitating Analysis and Synthesis Technologies for Effective Reconfiguration
  • hipeac students
  • phd news
  • upcoming events