HiPEAC 2010: Call for Workshops and Tutorials

Deadline: June 16, 2009 for submission, and June 26 for notification of acceptance.

The 5th HiPEAC Conference (HiPEAC 2010) sollicits proposals for workshops and tutorials to be organized in conjunction with the main conference. We welcome proposals on topics related to all aspects of research and development, in the field of high performance computer architecture and compilation for embedded systems, as well as general purpose research which is becoming increasingly relevant to the embedded domain.

A complete list of topics of interest can be found on the HiPEAC 2010 web site.

Please submit your workshop or tutorial proposal as an email to Sandro Bartolini (bartolini@dii.unisi.it). Submission deadline is June 16th, 2009 (although we would appreciate it if you could submit a proposal as soon as you can).

For workshops, please include concisely the following information in your proposal (no more than 2 pages):
  • Title of the workshop
  • Organizers and their affiliations
  • Sample call for papers, including the workshop's main topics
  • Expected duration of the workshop; i.e., 1/2 day, full day
  • Expected workshop fomat. i.e., keynote+talks+panel, keynote+talks, talks only, etc.
  • Planned number of papers and attendance (based on historical data or experience)
  • Event sponsors

For tutorials, please include the following information in your proposal (no more than 2 pages):
  • Title of the tutorial
  • Organizers, presenters, and their affiliations
  • Abstract of the tutorial
  • A list of topics to be covered and some of their related bibliography
  • Expected duration of the tutorial; i.e., 1/2 day or full day
  • Expected tutorial format. i.e., talks, or talks + demo, etc.
  • If the tutorial was previously held, the location (i.e., which conference), date, and number of attendees at the last tutorial

For additional information, please contact the HiPEAC 2010 Workshops and Tutorials chair (Sandro Bartolini, bartolini@dii.unisi.it) and/or visit the conference webpage.